meet me

twenty-something studying education in upstate ny

be loved. be known. love people and know people.

- Jamie Tworkowski

someone told me once to make plans that include my heart. some days i am still unsure how to do this. but most of the time this is what i’ve landed on: my heart just wants to be known and to know other people. i am really desperate for community. this is why i write. this is why i overshare on the internet. because, to me, it’s worth pursing discomfort to make us all feel a little less alone.

and i realize that this “meet me” page gives you very little information about me but i hope that that is kind of the point. i hope that this writing, these conversations might be more about us than they are about me. of course, hanging around for a bit would definitely get you more thoroughly acquainted with what i’m about. you can also send me mail.