thankful you're mine

Hi Mom :)

As I write this I should be either writing one of two papers I have due this week, preparing a speech I have due this week, or studying for a test, that yes, is also this week. But instead, I am watching monologues from Scandal that I have already watched maybe 50 times too many. I stumbled upon a scene from the season 6 finale where Abby talks to Leo about the double standard surrounding powerful women. It’s powerful. And everyone should watch it here.

Watching this I was reminded of an article I published last December titled Growing Up A Girl – an article that talked about the double standards, stereotypes, and degrading ideas that our society forces upon young women. I remember coming home a few weeks after that article was published and talking with you and dad about my recent blogging and asking for your opinions on that article. And I remember that it got a bit uncomfortable after that. Because you hadn’t really loved that article. It stung at first knowing that you didn’t really like it but I am now SO thankful you didn’t. While I had had good intentions in writing that article, calling out the double standards and complications that society puts on girls, none of the things I mentioned in that article were things you had taught me. In fact, you had taught me just the opposite. And you knew that. And I knew that. And I failed to acknowledge that in that article. I’m happy you were honest about your feelings about that article and so thankful that you reminded me that just because those are belittling ideas other people would like little girls to subscribe to, you have always taught me how powerful girls can be.

Yesterday was your birthday and there is a lot I want to tell you and a lot of it sounds really cheesy so everyone please just bear with me. Mom, you are by far the strongest, bravest, boldest, and most passionate and loving person I know. You have truly shown me what it means to be a girl. And it doesn’t include listening to anything I outlined in that article. It means saying what you want and acting how you want and fighting for what you believe in. And doing all of it honestly and unapologetically. It means kicking ass.

Without getting too mushy or too personal here I just want to say thank you. For everything. I know I am kind of a handful and that we have had our fair share of arguments. And while I may not always want to admit it, it is one of the biggest compliments I get anytime someone tells me I’m similar to you. I know I am lucky to have you as my mom. I am so incredibly thankful that you’re mine. I love you so much mom.

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