tomorrow needs me. and it needs you too.

If you know me, you know about To Write Love On Her Arms. I’m not going to go into all that they do, you can just click here. Every year they run an incredible campaign for Suicide Prevention Week. This year the message they are spreading is “tomorrow needs you”. It is three words. It is simple, to the point. It doesn’t necessarily sound like anything groundbreaking. And yet it is important. It is the idea that the world would be different if we weren’t here – that tomorrow would miss us. The idea that we are valued, loved, and needed.

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and so to honor TWLOHA’s campaign this year, I am sharing a few of the reasons tomorrow needs me.

tomorrow needs me

to be lynn and michael’s daughter. and grady’s sister.

to be a friend. to be a best friend.

to snuggle with my puppies and spend rainy days cozy under blankets.

to drink vanilla lattes at the start of every morning and eat chicken pot pie on my next birthday.

to watch the breakfast club again.

to sing along to the next sam hunt album. and then the one after that.

tomorrow needs me

because there are still drives to take and flights to catch.

because there are still people to meet.

because i still have love to give.

because my story matters.

Tomorrow needs me because, even though today is chilly and rainy (quite literally this is the weather today in Hamilton, NY), the sun will come out tomorrow. Anyone catch that Annie reference? Okay cool.

None of this is complicated. None of this seems particularly monumental. But it matters. I matter. You matter. We matter. And tomorrow needs us. And so today, and throughout this week, I would encourage everyone to think of a reason or three why tomorrow needs you.

Tomorrow knows you’ll probably need more than just tomorrow. Maybe you’ll need ten tomorrows. Maybe you’ll need months or years. That is okay. Tomorrow knows we can do this together, however long it takes. Tomorrow is on our side. And we will all do this one tomorrow at a time.