pedal fast” refers to the two words that are tattooed on the outside of my left wrist. they come from the front of a card that my dad wrote to me 6 months into my recovery from self-harm. “pedal fast” is my mantra – my version of “stay strong”.


p.s. – anything that I post about mental health can be found here

1/31/2017 on this day i published an article that changed my life. i wrote about the meaning behind my tattoo and for the first time invited my entire world into my story. i could have never predicted the response that article would get and i have been beyond blown away.

i never dreamed that the words i wrote would really affect anyone. i figured people would see me differently but i never imagined that it would invite people to see their communities differently. i never imagined it would open up so many conversations and a large part of the reason that this blog exists is because of the response to that article.

and so i am really excited. excited because when i published that article i realized the true power of words, the true power of writing, the true power of honesty. publishing that article changed my life. one honest article changed my life. and i am excited that more honest articles and more honest conversations might just change all of our lives.